Oxygen is life, therefore a reliable source of medical oxygen gas in the hospital is essential. We supply, Install and manage On-site medical Oxygen plants, Medical Air plants and Vacuum pump plants.

Pacific Gases MEdical services
pacific biopharmaceuticals


Meeting the evolving needs of the biopharmaceutical industry with advanced gas and technology solutions to enable innovative therapies and medicines

We Supply, Install and manage on-site Nitrogen PSA generators for the pharmaceutical industry used in packaging of pharmaceuticals and serve as an inert gas where oxidation is undesirable.


Sewage treatment is a process of removing contaminants from waste water

Our water treatment systems come with an appropriate industrial gas supply scheme as standard. Depending on your volume requirements, this may be based on bulk supply or an on-site generation system.

pacific water waste treatment
pacific gases oil and gas


Nitrogen is commonly used in the oil and gas industry for well stimulation, injection, mothballing, and pressure testing.

Improving the carbon balance of refineries through cleaner processes and products that release fewer emissions.


We provide On-site Oxygen Plants for mining and mineral processing such as  Gold leaching and on-site Nitrogen plants is used to prevent mine fires and to inert abandoned areas of mines reducing oxygen level thus lowering risk of explosion.

pacific mining and mineral processing
pacific leisure and hospitality


Gases have a wide range of uses in the leisure and hospitality industry. Whether you are looking to carbonate drinks or weld metals, inflate balloons, you want a hassle-free service we will make sure you get the gases you need – when and where you need them.


Food-grade industrial gases are an effective and natural way of meeting rising consumer demands for quality, variety, and freshness in the food and beverage industry. Increasingly, consumers are looking for low or zero-additive alternatives to conventional preservation techniques. In particular, gases are proving indispensable in the growing market for convenience, home-inspired foods.

Our Technical team in qualified field and in-house specialists, will help you meet your specific challenges in optimize processes, improve quality, increase yield, protect quality during transport and extend shelf life.

pacific food and beverages


Regardless of your focus, you can always rely on us for customized solutions to meet your individual analysis and instrumentation challenges. Because: precision is our watchword.


Our metal fabrication Team covers full spectrum from traditional welding, cutting and coating techniques to state-of-the-art process technologies. Companies in this industry require a flexible, responsive, single-source partner that supports the full application and equipment spectrum, combining both traditional and new cutting, welding and coating processes

pacific gases


We have the process technologies and high-tech solutions to help meet the global transport challenges posed by demographic shifts and climate change.


Global demand for energy continues to be on the increase every day, we provide a range of infrastructure and process innovations to capture renewable energies more effectively.

pacific power and energy


We support the electronics industry with a full range of bulk and special gases, gas systems and on-site services. Our Technical Team are dedicated to the specific challenges facing these sectors.


We will deliver competitive technical solutions to increase productivity, enhance product quality and meet environmental challenges

You can rely on our support at all steps in the project lifecycle with a total gas supply package.

pacific gases rubber and plastics
pacific gases glass


We have range of gas applications, process technologies, and services to cover all glass melting, forming and processing needs.

we also deliver gas-enabled solutions to increase your energy efficiency and productivity. Our Technical team can advise you on the gases and supply model that suits your company to achieve the high-tech surface finishes/properties you require.


We provide a complete service of industrial and specialty gases and applications to support chemical production processes. Our team engineers will help you improve productivity, lower costs and meet environmental targets across the full application spectrum.

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